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Re: [IP] Problems with Glucometers in the classromm


This web site is great, Pam and Pete Wright fought and won battles for our 
children and others with disabilities. Their website is what I used w/ school 
issues in regard to Kap having his bgs testing supplies and treatments with 
him or very close by.  Even water is listed as a medical necessity.  Each and 
every room has a Plan posted - what range his bgs should be in when he test 
and the treatment for highs or lows. (Pre-Pump) I am still working on Pumping 
Of course, try the common sense method first!  But 9 out 10 times - it fails! 

Knowledge is power!
Simply put, I would call the School Board, and give them fair warning - my 
child has diabetes and will be caring his meter and pricer to school tomorrow 
and he is to have it on him at all times.  At any time if he is not within 2 
feet of his bgs testing supplies and a source of sugar - which is also in his 
case, I will file abuse charges.
And be there with him as he/she walks in and follow through if someone 
touches his/her bgs supplies!  TAKE YOUR CHILD WITH YOU AND GO AND FILE ABUSE 
Because simply put - it is mental abuse for a child to be sent to class w/o 
his/her supplies!  Kap was very fearful - to the point of being traumatized - 
when his meter was not in the room with him.   He sat in class scared, 
paranoid "Am I going Low"?
According to Kap, a low was a living nightmare, he was very scared he was 
going to die before the sugar took effect - everything went black on him 
several times and he couldn't move.  

Then e-mail me privately, I will hold your hand all the way to the highest 
court in the land and my hand is holding others - ADA, Civil Rights Act, 
WrightsLaw, Advocates, and teachers and principals and some psychologist and 
most of all other Parents that are dealing w/ the same issue.
Darlene - email @ redacted
Mom to Kap - and no one comes between Kap and his meter!
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