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Re: [IP] Rx by mail

I had to deal with Merck-Medco bu mail for over a year.  Every single order 
had some problem with it, and they would never try to fix anything.  They 
sent me the Novolin pen cartridges instead of prefilled syringes, and 
wouldn't take them back, so I had to get the insurance company to buy me the 
pen just so I could use the insulin,  sent Potassium capsules when the rx 
specified tablets only- the capsules stick in the back of my throat and then 
dissolve there.  They expected 1 box of 100 testing strips to last me 90 
days, and when I talked to a pharmacist, they said the recommended amount of 
times per day to test was 1 time a day!!  They also put my new endo's name on 
a rx that was supposed to be a refill from the PCP, and got the quantity 
wrong, then had the nerve to try to tell me that they had called the endo for 
the new rx- that was for the 1 box of testing strips- you can't tell me that 
they called the endo, and the endo would have ever given them a quantity of 
100 strips to last 3 months when I had just started pumping? We had even 
verified that they had not called either endo or PCP- both my husband and I 
are pharmacists, and we caught this pharmacist in so many lies and violations 
of the state pharmacy codes, etc- and this was just one phone call/incident! 
  If you want my advice, see if your insurance can offer you any other mail 
order service, Just in January, our insurance changed mail order pharmacies, 
and I hope to have better luck with them.

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