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[IP] Contemplating???

I have been a insulin dependent diabetic for 11 years. I have no 
complications and pretty good control.  I take 3 shots a day. I have gotten 
information on the MiniMed 508. Called my insurance company to make sure 
that they would cover the pump (They will). I went to my endo yesterday 
really enthusiastic about getting on this pump. My bubble was bursted. He 
told me he would not advise it. I told him that I thought I would have 
better control with using a shorter acting insulin. His reply was that I 
would have a lot of low b/s. (I thought that was a good thing but not to 
low?) I told him that I did not have a set routine and that it would be nice 
if I did not have to eat when I did not feel like it. He replied that I 
would set the basal rate and still have to eat at certain times depending on 
when I selected the basal rate to disperse. I thought that is what the bolus 
was for. Am I reading the material wrong? I am not sure if my dr. is 
up-to-date in this area, I would like information on support groups, dr.'s 
with experience in pump patients, etc. in the Dayton, OH vicinity. My dr. 
said he would prescribe it but I feel he would not be much help. The thought 
of going to the ER and no one in the area knowing what to do with a pump 
patient kind of scares me. But the freedom sounds wonderful. Thanks for the 
information on this site. Rachel
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