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[IP] Re: pump choice

Well, here's another thought.  I have been on the MM 506 for about 7 years, 
quite happily.  However, it's about time for a new one for a variety of 
reasons.  So, I have looked at the D.....I like the waterproofness and the 
way the temp basal rate works compared to MM, but I want the square wave/dual 
wave feature and the backlight.  I think both have more basal rates than the 
6 on my 506.  However, I have been treading water awhile because the Animas 
pump is in front of the FDA and it combines all the features that I want plus 
it appears that they may be able to detect "no delivery" sooner.  Also, In 
talking with one of their staffers I made a comment that I wished the Animas 
would be able to go down to a zero temp basal rate instead of just ( I think 
it was ) 50%.  A week or two later she emailed me with the info that after a 
talk with the engineer, they now can go down to 0%.  (Well, I was impressed 

So, why do I want a 0% temp basal?  If you suspend, you have to remember to 
UNsuspend.  With a 0% temp bolus, I can in effect tell it HOW LONG I want it 
off.  In my case that's what works best if I do something like raquetball.  
And I don't have to remember to turn it back on.

So while I don't know for sure which one I will go to, I would like to wait 
and see the Animas in action presuming all goes well in front of the FDA.

My $0.02 worth.  Linda
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