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Re: [IP] Rx by mail

> I use Merck-Medco plan also. They gave me the run around at first
> too. I am on insulin injection, on a sliding scale,
>. My question was why have my doctor write a
> prescription to begin with if they were going to override him? It
> was very frustrating but nice to only pay for a 3 month supply.

They won't / don't over ride the doc. They are bound by their 
contracts to use a very strict interpretation of the prescripton.

If the doc writes

9 vials of U100 Humulin R for a 90 day supply, refill 4x

They will dispense all 9 vials at once, no questions asked.

If instead he writes:

3 vials U100 Humulin R per month for 3 months, refill 4x

they must intrepret that to mean 3 vials a month for 3 months, 
SHIPPED 3 vials each month, then you get to refill and repeat for 3 
more 3 month intervals.

This makes a huge differnce in the co-pay, obviously. 

if you get the language right to begin with, it makes life much 
easier for you and for them.

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