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Re: [IP] Rx by mail

I use Merck-Medco plan also. They gave me the run around at first too. I am 
on insulin injection, on a sliding scale, and they made my doctor give them 
a specific amount of units I use. The dr. and I both told them that it 
differs from day to day. My dr. put down the most I could use in one day and 
they came back and told MY dr. that it was to much insulin and they were 
only giving me XXX amounts of insulin bottles. My question was why have my 
doctor write a prescription to begin with if they were going to override 
him? It was very frustrating but nice to only pay for a 3 month supply. Good 

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>Subject: [IP] Rx by mail
>Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:23:22 EST
>Our new plan offers Rx by mail, and since the co-pay  is larger now I'm
>trying to get 3 mos supply for one co-pay by doing it by mail.  It has 
>taken w
>eeks, and still we only just satisfied their requirements.  They didn't 
>that the address (of Stanford Children's Hospital!!) wasn't on the
>prescription, and several other odd particulars.  The Stanford doctor 
>called me to say he'd tried again, and that it has taken so much time and
>paperwork for each item that it would be impossible for him to do this for
>all his patients.  He was glad to help, bless his heart, but this is
>ridiculous.  We are told it will be two weeks before the prescriptions are
>sent out now, meaning it will have been a month altogether, and we are out 
>strips, insulin, etc.  Now I'm afraid what will happen when it comes time 
>pump supplies.  I'm gonna start very early.  Everything is such a 
>Does anybody else deal with Merck-Medco Rx by mail?  The insurer is
>PersChoice.  Holly
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