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Re: [IP] Rx by mail

>  Everything is such a
>  fight!!!!! Does anybody else deal with Merck-Medco Rx by mail?  The
>  insurer is PersChoice.  Holly >>
> We deal with express pharmacy services

I was with Merck Medco until mid Dec 99 when my primary insurer BC/BS 
switched to Express Pharmacy services -- so far, Merck was better 
than Express. Both will let the ball drop unless you really raise 
hell. Merck seems to be a little better at calling the physician and 
getting a prescription "right now" if there is a problem. 

example: From Express I ordered insulin AND some antibiotic at the 
same time for Lily. Magically the antibiotic showed up two days 
later. After a week with no insulin, I gave them a call and lo and 
behold, they seemed to have no record of the insulin order.... 
escalating to a supervisor resulted in finding out that the 
prescription had expired, but they figured that lots of people switch 
insulins, so therefore I probably didn't need it anyway. HELLO !!! 
when I pointed out to her that this was a life support drug and I had 
just ordered it, how did she figure it was not wanted. There was no 
procedure in place to notify the client when this occurs, they just 
foget about it. Remember, I'm talking to a supervisor at this 
point. Merck, at least calls you if something like this happens. To 
make a long story short, I called BS/BC and spoke to the Express 
Liason person and explained the situation in great detail. I guess 
they read them the riot act, I got a call back from BS/BC saying that 
the procedures would be changed and Lily's insulin showed up a couple 
of days later -- they must have called for a prescription because I 
did not.

War story # 1253386 heh... heh...
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