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Re: [IP] Rx by mail

In a message dated 02/15/2000 7:25:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Now I'm afraid what will happen when it comes time for 
 pump supplies.  I'm gonna start very early.  Everything is such a fight!!!!! 
 Does anybody else deal with Merck-Medco Rx by mail?  The insurer is 
 PersChoice.  Holly >>

We deal with express pharmacy services thru Cigna insurance. I have had to 
send back rx's to the doctor because we have to have 90 day supply written on 
prescription. SO when you go make sure that is on there (also make sure 
quantity comes up to 90 days or that may be a problem). My son gets 3 bottles 
of insulin (not pumping at this moment yet, 400 strips and 400 needles) I 
would write down exactly what needs to be written on the rx-give a copy of it 
to the doctor to keep in your chart so he  or she will know. I've been there 
, done that . Now your pump supplies may come from somewhere different I know 
ours will, so check into that now before your get started.
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