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RE: [IP] Agents???? Hmmmm

> bonnie,
> I am co-owner of the company with my husband, we started offering
> the insurance as a courtesy to the other employees. We usually
> change insurance every 3 years due to higher premiums. This year it
> has been a real problem, I just wonder what other diabetics due
> about high insurance premiums.  Does everyone work for a group?  How
> can anyone with any chronic illness afford health care, I'm starting
> to realize insurance is for healthy people, once you get chronically
> sick insurance doesn't want you.

Depends on what state you are in. In California there is a state 
sponsored plan called HIPC which basically groups all business with 
(5 I think) or more employees into a single purchasing pool. The 
plan started a number of years ago in an effort to help small 
businesses get affordable insurance. You get to choose from a long 
list of PPO and HMO companies that offer fixed rate / benefit plans. 
Each employee can choose any one of the different plans offered. HIPC 
administers the plan (and COBRA) and the funds are sent to them for 
premiums. High risk medical cases don't make any difference. It is 
somewhat like working for a company with 100,000 employees, but you 
get to choose your insurance carrier from about a dozen. This has 
been a pioneering concept in Calif, and I think some other states 
have followed suit.
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