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Re: [IP] treatment b4 1950

Roger wrote:

>>Amy I was born in 45 and dx in 47. My brother dx in 36. In the 20's-40's
did not have anything to check bg In the 50's we used clinitest till the
tape came out. <<

I was diagnosed in 1963 and used the clinitest tablets with the test tube.
As I recall, you put 10 drops of urine with 10 drops of water in the test
tube and dropped in a test tablet.  Depending on the color, blue was
negative and bright orange was 4+, you were supposed to know how much sugar
was in your urine.  I always knew this type of testing was very unreliable,
and my doctor at the time also agreed, that you could test negative and have
high sugar in your blood (because it hadn't gotten to your unrine yet) and
you could have low blood sugar and test 4+ since the sugar was still in your
urine.  Very unreliable testing as far as I was concerned and I didn't do
too much of it, except when I was pregnant in 1978 (yes still used those old
clinitest tabs then).  I didn't get my first meter until sometime in the

As far as injections, I remember them very well.  Gigantic needles with
glass syringes that you had to boil before every use.  And, you used the
needles over and over until they became dull.  I was so glad when disposable
syringes came out.

Type 1 for 37 years

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