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Re: [IP] One Step Closer

Michael wrote:

>>Your body is getting used to the pump and "matching" insulin input.
Your overall insulin requirements are probably dropping (to normal).
Might need to turn down your basal rates a notch.<<

No, Michael, you misunderstood.  I had a pump trial with saline for a couple
days, not on a pump yet.  This is what I go through on a regular basis with
MDI.  If you saw my prior post, I saw my endo and he's all for me getting a
pump now.  Said that for me, the longer acting insulin with the shorter
acting on MDI was just too unpredictable.  I hope to have a pump in a few
months, if the morons at my insurance company get their mess on their
computers straightened out.

Type 1 for 37 years

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