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[IP] Saw my endo today -- Woohoo!

Saw my endo this afternoon.  He's ok for me getting the pump.  He actually
told me that he thought I had a good case to present to the insurance
company, and that for me, using a long acting insulin such as NPH with a
shorter acting insulin such as Regular or Humulog with MDI was just too
unpredictable.  MY A1C was 5.2 (and I was trying real hard to get it over 7,
since I thought that's what the insurance companies like!).  Guess all those
SuzyQ's and cookies I consumed over the last 3 months didn't even make a
dent in my bs...Seems like the harder I try to get it up, the lower it goes!
Anyhow, now I just need those morons running the computers at my insurance
company to get their mess straightened out so we can continue on and go for
approval.  Looks like there's a pump in my future after all.... Woohoo!  :)

Type 1 for 37 years, feeling hopeful for the first time!

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