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Re: [IP] treatment b4 1950


I was born in 43 didn't get D until 65, however my Grandma had it.  She was diagnosed right after the discovery of insulin.  I never knew her as she was gone long befor I got here.  I remember my parents talking about it before I got it. Of course, after I got it no one said much.  I don't think she lived even 15 years with it.  

I do remember them telling that the needles were very much larger than anything we have ever seen for taking insulin.  They were more the size of the ones used in Dr. offices for shots that we might get.  They kept several glass syringes and needles on hand and both had to be boiled before every shot. The needles would get dull and they sharpened them by punching them into cork.
They told me that grandma's legs got real tough and the needles wouldn't go in, they would bend.  The only insulin available was regular so they had to take several shots a day.  They didn't have a blood tester, they had to collect urine and I think they had to do something with test tubes. (I remember something about boiling water, but that might have been just for the needles.  I do know that when I started the test tape had just come out and just before that they were adding tablets to the urine to see what color it would turn.

The diet I remember them saying she was supposed to eat a lot of raw veggies, but of course Gram didn't do that she still enjoyed the good things.  

That's about all I can remember, I'm Sure there are others on her that can give you first hand information.
Even if this doesn't help you it might let other of us know how good we have it today.  I was told when it got it 35 years ago not to worry because a cure was just around the corner.  Glad I didn't live my life believing that.  After all if they cure it where will all these companies who sell us our goods be?  They can't afford to let a cure happen.

Nancy pumping 12 years
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