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Re: [IP] air bubble

Are you on MM or disetronic?  I use the mm and can't say if there would be something different about the Disetronic.  I have never actually had a large air bubble leave my reservoir that I know of.  I suspect that any little ones could join up and make a big one.
If you are on MM I would carefully remove the reservoir and disconnect from the tubing.  When you do this take the end of the tubing that you just removed and right at the tip double it over and hold it in an upright position.  This should close off the tubing not allowing any more air to enter.  Then hold the reservoir up and tap on it to try to get the bubble where you can expell it.  Press on reservoir to expell the air bubble.  Now comes the really important part. 
Relese the tubing end that goes back on the reservoir but don't put it on yet.  Put the end of the reservoir next to the little cup in the end of the tubing and resease enough inslin into the tubing to fill up the empty space in the end of the tubing.  You have to push the reservoir in order to do this.  Now reconnect and make sure that the reservoir is snug with the screw thing in the pump that delivers the insulin.  Remember to check bg often after doing this until you are sure that delivery is right.

If the air bubble got to the tubing just keep an eye on it and when it gets to where it is going to go into the body you bolus until you no longer see the bubble.

If none of this makes sense or you are not comfortable doing it then just change sets.

Nancy, 35 y/d pumping 12 years
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