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Re: [IP] Disability help needed

Hi,    I know exactly what your are feeling. Mothers day 97 I had a stroke 
that caused me to loose sight in my left eye, from that they found that I 
had not had just one but several and that my heart is enlarged only working 
at 25% regurg....(SP)output.That plus being type 1 for 20 years, leg 
problems and more related DM problems.
   I have gone though the same process I guess that now your at the point 
where you might have gotten legal help? Well From my ex. you can go before 
the ALJ and have all the right paper work, as I did. Including having to go 
back to a few of the SSA doc's and even with their testimony, as to the fact 
that you are disabled, Employment guy can state that there is no work that 
you could possibly do for employment.  The ALJ like in my case can ignore 
all that and selectively edit the testimony for what he wants and say that 
you can work, regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  I too, need HELP with this problem. I was a designer for automatic 
sprinkler system's, the one in stores and office's and warehouse's.
Not hard work at all, but I just can't remember the details.
In short prepare for a very long wait. I ve even gotten my rep involved he 
is watching my case, and yesterday I found out that the appeals office in 
Virginia is just now working on case's in the time frame of July 1998.So 
don't get your hope's up. Sorry to be the barer of this not so good an 
outlook but you should know that it will take along time to get what is due 
As for me I can actually say I'm worth more.....?
I hope you can do better than I.
Dan B.   T-1  21,  Pumping- (2 mo's)

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>Subject: [IP] Disability help needed
>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 16:29:20 EST
>           I have a few questions maybe someone  could help me with. I have
>been diabetic for 30 years  since age 17, & pumping for 1 year. I have been 
>auto mechanic forever until 2 years ago when I could no longer run my auto
>repair shop due to problems from my diabetes.  After 1 year of not working
>someone suggested that I could apply for disability & that I could qualify
>because of my hand problems. I have been to a few different physical
>therapists & a few different doctors for pain releif of my fingers,  
>numbness, carpol tunnel syndrome, stiffness & arthritis in the past 2 &1/2
>       My main diabetic specialist has supplied  a letter stating that my
>condition will last more than 1 year & my diabetes is very brittle. Other
>doctors have supplied letters detailing my 2 hands conditions. Physical
>therapists have suppied clinical measurements of my finger's problems.
>Neurologists have given me EMG tests & supplied clinical evidence detailing
>my nerves deteriorated condition in my hands .
>I initially was turned down & told to get a job not requiring so much hand
>usage. I made a appeal & furnished  additional medical information 
>severe problems like non awareness of hypos & a brittle diabetic condition.
>More physical therapy & documentation from the therapist measuring  my 
>weakness was furnished & my appeal was turned down. Again I was told to 
>for a job not requiring too much lifting or usage of my hands.  Now I'm
>waiting for  an appointment of the FINAL part of my appeal process before a
>Administrative Law Judge & I NEED HELP>  could anyone tell me what I've 
>wrong . Under the federal law I have met ALL the requirements & I beleive I
>qualify for disability under the rules of our government.
>What more could I do to qualify ?
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