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Re: [IP] darn meter reliability problems

Be sure you are holding the meter level (like on a flat desk or table) when 

When I told my health care team I was using the Advantage (the "older" 
model, not the "new" one, with the funky blue / white color), the first 
thing they asked was "are you holding the Advantage level when you check?"

Turns out they had a young girl who went into DKA. There was no prior 
indication (according to patient, BGs were always "normal", etc.). As part 
of the troubleshooting, they checked her meter averages, and the numbers 
were not out of the normal range. When they asked her to demonstrate her 
testing technique, she raised the meter at an angle to the drop of blood on 
her finger. The resulting BG reading was markedly different than when they 
repeated the test with the meter on a table top (as in "normal" vs. "out of 
healthy range"). Since then, they have been re educating all their patients 
who use the Advantage, to make sure their technique is good.

I noticed with the new Advantage meters, they specifically state in the 
literature that you can hold the meter at an angle when testing.

Just a thought, not trying to start a meter war :-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Amy wrote:

>I have been having what I think are meter reliability problems. Few weeks 
>back, someone here reminded me to be sure I filled up the whole strip 
>fully, and I have been. I use the Accuchek Advantage, but am questioning 
>how much I should and am able to trust it.
>It said i was 445, and then 256 twenty minutes later. Lots of factors 
>lately, i've had a nasty cold and cough since Wednesday so i've been high 
>but the 445, I figured was a set thing even though I'd already moved my 
>set twice.I'm thinking it was never a set prob b/c I wouldnt' have dropped 
>that fast in 20 minutes, ever
>I haven't even been using the Advantage a year, but I'm really not 
>trusting it. I know I am "stuck" with it for a while b/c I have over 1000 
>test strips and my insurance is just a huge hassle with meters, but has 
>anyone else had this with the Accuchek Advantage? Also, I had other mters, 
>like One Touch Basic and One Touch 2, but I gave one to my dad and traded 
>one for a rebate, I have a DEX I got for free but no strips for any other 
>meters..guess having the meters isn't good without strips:-) I used the 
>"LO control" solution and the meter passed, but I have no HI solution to 
>test b/c Accuchek told me they don't send that anymore b/c usually people 
>dont' have problems with faulty high readings....

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