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Re: [IP] Name mix-up & I walked out


I can really relate to your story of difficult veins.  My Mom has the same 
problem and has been through several tortuous episodes with lab techs who 
insist they can get a vein and end up torturing her and her arms end up black 
and blue up and down.  She finally has a lab tech at Kaiser who is gentle and 
gets it every time on the first try.  When she gets blood drawn she insists 
on only letting that lady take it and waits happily for her if she happens to 
be on a break.  Good for you for standing up for yourself and not letting 
them poke at you.  I think sometimes it's a matter of pride with some tech 
they will poke and poke not remembering how it feels to be on the other end 
of the needle.  Thank goodness there are some gentle ones like the one my Mom 

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