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Re: [IP] my research paper

In a message dated 2/14/00 6:37:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< ---The Prevalence and Causes of Depression in People with Chronic 
Illnesses. Of course, it seems that that can be summed up in one word 
---CONTROL., but I need to get some quotes, solid (written)  >>

One word is CONTROL, because (this MOM to son w/ Diabetes) has to say:
Control is what I want for my son  and ME - We want a LIFE
 Control to get an endo to listen and listen well,  - injection don't cut it
Control over insurance companies that give you a hassle each and every month 
- denying medical coverage on supplies.
Control over teachers that say: MY child is faking the bathroom trips - yet 
bgs was 300-500s, him being called a lie,
Control with school system telling you "Sorry but your child is not going to 
be treated any different from any other child - even though he spilled juice 
on his sandwich and even though he just had 3 units of Humalog and was at the 
back of the line.
Control over Mood swings w/ each and every high or low!
Control over taking a shower w/out having to think - Ole I have to wait, I 
just took Humalog to cover dinner!
Control over doing homework without having to stop and treat a LOW!
Control over the person that says, ole I know all about diabetes, my cat has 
it!  Therefore, I know what to do w/ your son in my class!
And last but not the least, 
Control over bgs, therefore reducing the chance of developing complications.
Causes of Depression in People with Chronic Illnesses (Diabetes)- is putting 
up with endo,ins co, drug stores, schools, and those w/ Cats w/ diabetes!
Control to erase the ignorance that comes w/ Chronic Illnesses (Diabetes) 
will reduce the cause of depression in people w/ CI and parents of children 
w/ CI.
My point of view!
Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - who has the POWER TO CONTROL HIS BGS/LIFE WITH PUMPING 
- I will deal w/ the others!
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