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Re: [IP] MM questions

At 04:16 AM 2/13/2000  Betsy Krussel wrote:
 >Mag you told Carmen that Matt uses the smaller syringe in his mm 508?  I
 >just got a 508...What smaller cartridge (aka syringe).  I go to my CDE
 >Tuesday to set my basals and get started on "the real thing".  Since I don't
 >use much insulin now, we expect to only half fill the cartridge.

There is only one size cartridge... it's just a matter of whether you fill 
it all the way or half way. If you have it filled all the way, you need to 
take out a little gizmo that holds the neck of the reservoir in the 
half-full position. The MM ships with it set for the half-full reservoir, 
so it's more than likely you're all set to go right now.


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