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[IP] Thyroid

Another DMer for Synthroid.

I started having an enlarged thyroid when I was about 30 -- and it went
untreated for many years, as I progressively felt worse and worse --
tired, and depressed.

I started taking Synthroid just about when I was first diagnosed with
diabetes -- and it has recently been confirmed that I have Hashimoto's
thyroiditis, which is an auto-immune condition. 

Hashimoto's is not rare in the general population, and even more common
among Type 1 diabetics. All Type 1's should be tested periodically for
TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels, and if they're abnormal, it
should be treated. 

A poorly functioning thyroid can make it harder to control BGs.
Diabetics are also more prone to Grave's Disease, which is
hyperthyroidism, whereas Hashimoto's is hypothyroidism. 

The awareness of the interconnection between diabetes and other
endocrine problems is one reason that it's nice to have a good
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