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Re: [IP] Re:younger kid questions

> Last question..............Do any other pumper kids have thyroid
> We just found a lump on Amanda's neck/throat


thyroid  disease is autoimmune...just like IDDM.  many kids/adults on this
list are probably taking synthroid.  I don't have diabetes but my husband
and I both are on synthroid, dx'd in our 30's.

geneva was checked regularly by her endo since she was dx'd and sure
enough...that lump in her throat turned to be the sign.  now she is also on
synthroid.  (all three of us! now!)

so..don't be surprised if amanda ends up in the same boat.  it is pretty
common to have thyroid disease with IDDM but the pill is tiny and geneva has
no problem taking it everyday.

mom to geneva who started taking synthroid about one year after DX.  age 10
1/2 now.

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