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Re: [IP] IP] My Pump is being mailed tomorow!!!

    Hooray!!! Just wanted to publicly proclaim how happy this news makes me. 
Over 20 years ago, a local newspaper did a feature story on Sharon & her 
parents and how difficult it was to deal with  a baby with diabetes. The 
article explained the warning signs and probably also mentioned JDF. The 
details aren't important - what is though is that because of that article, 
when my 9 yr old started guzzling drinks & monopolizing restrooms, my "memory 
bank" retrieved that "stored data" from the article about Sharon. I dropped 
off a urine sample at the pediatrician (Melissa wasn't at all sick) & by 5:00 
that evening she was hospitalized with a bg of 145 (fasting). It wasn't until 
she ate some fried chicken & zoomed to 300 that the attending docs were 
convinced she WAS diabetic!!! Almost funny in retrospect, but if it hadn't 
been for the knowledge I'd gained from that article, I might not have 
circumvented the much more common scenario of a very very ill children being 
hospitalized with diabetes.
     So, we at IP all welcome you aboard the "Pump Bandwagon" next week 
Sharon, but I, in particular, am delighted to see you "join in" a better way 
of life, after all these years with diabetes!!!
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom, who remains grateful for that article!)
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