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[IP] Which pump

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000 "Laura Lillie" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Depending on how sensitive you are to insulin, you can have the Disetronic
> programmed with bolus increments as low as .1 . .....
> Laura

The Minimed pump is set from factory to work in .1 unit increments for both 
bolus and basal rates.  I don't know of too many people who need finer 
countrol than this (I imagine very small kids might) but at lower rates would 
probably have to dilute for either pump.

The Minimed pump also permits temporary bolus settings with .1 unit accuracy 
as well as square and dual wave bolus settings with same.

I imagine that a short term (once in green moon) fix with Minimed in order to 
get .05 units/hour basal feed would be to set a .1 unit feed over two hours 
(or equivelent rates and times to achieve whatever is needed).

As for diluting insulin there have been some posts on this in past.  Basically 
one needs to get the specific diluent for the specific insulin they use.  The 
diluent is provided free of charge from the insulin manufacturers but due to 
the price they don't seem really happy or eager to send out.

Yerachmiel Altman
who diluted insulin his first year in order to program his AutoSyringe pump 
which had one hard-wired built in basal rate (and so diluting insulin was ONLY 
way to acheive a basal).  ((Also note that this limited one to ONE basal rate 
over 24 hours unless one were to change infusion sets more than once a day)).

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