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Re: [IP] Disability help needed

on 2/14/00 3:29 PM, email @ redacted at email @ redacted wrote:

> could anyone tell me what I've done
> wrong . Under the federal law I have met ALL the requirements & I beleive I
> qualify for disability under the rules of our government.
> What more could I do to qualify ?

>From what I have seen, heard, and experienced, you probably have not done
anything wrong.  It seems that many applicants go İhru İhis process.  I
remember reading somewhere on the internet that 85-90% of first applicants
are turned down, 75-85% of the second applicants are turned down, and I
don't remember the percentage for going before the Administrative Law Judge
that are turned down.

I got a SS disability lawyer to handle my case and they get 25% of the
"back" pay for their fee and this is prescribed by SSA (Social Security
Administration) and paid by SSA.  You never have to pay the lawyer if you
are turned down and like I said SSA pays your lawyer direct if (when) you

I felt that it was well worth the 25%.  I don't like court rooms and all the
stress involved.  My lawyer did a lot of paper work that was sent to the
judge to prepare for the case and my case was approved and I did not have to
go to court.

It's kind of like the posts I've read about trouble with insurance companies
-- they are hoping you give up.  But don't give up.  I understand that you
can appeal the appeal, so hang in there.

I wish you the best of luck.

Gilda Weisskopf

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