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[IP] Disability help needed

          I have a few questions maybe someone  could help me with. I have 
been diabetic for 30 years  since age 17, & pumping for 1 year. I have been a 
auto mechanic forever until 2 years ago when I could no longer run my auto 
repair shop due to problems from my diabetes.  After 1 year of not working 
someone suggested that I could apply for disability & that I could qualify 
because of my hand problems. I have been to a few different physical 
therapists & a few different doctors for pain releif of my fingers,  burning, 
numbness, carpol tunnel syndrome, stiffness & arthritis in the past 2 &1/2  
      My main diabetic specialist has supplied  a letter stating that my 
condition will last more than 1 year & my diabetes is very brittle. Other 
doctors have supplied letters detailing my 2 hands conditions. Physical 
therapists have suppied clinical measurements of my finger's problems. 
Neurologists have given me EMG tests & supplied clinical evidence detailing 
my nerves deteriorated condition in my hands .
I initially was turned down & told to get a job not requiring so much hand 
usage. I made a appeal & furnished  additional medical information detailing 
severe problems like non awareness of hypos & a brittle diabetic condition. 
More physical therapy & documentation from the therapist measuring  my hand's 
weakness was furnished & my appeal was turned down. Again I was told to look 
for a job not requiring too much lifting or usage of my hands.  Now I'm 
waiting for  an appointment of the FINAL part of my appeal process before a 
Administrative Law Judge & I NEED HELP>  could anyone tell me what I've done 
wrong . Under the federal law I have met ALL the requirements & I beleive I 
qualify for disability under the rules of our government.
What more could I do to qualify ?
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