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[IP] Name mix-up & I walked out

Remember me talking about being the correct name in a medical office (re:
the ER Letter)? Well, today I went for my bi-weekly EPO injection. The lab
tech asked if I had registered yet; yeah, about 1/2 hr. prior. She couldn't
find it in the 'puter. Then asked how to spell my last name. She had me as
Janet Hughes. I told her, no *s* it's a *y.* She said it looked like Hughes
on the fax order and she had to add this to my standing orders. I asked why.
She showed me the paper. Now, I have 12 *-ologists* but NO Dr. Baxter. She
insisted. I said he is not my doctor. She said maybe I didn't remember
seeing him. (Is that a complication of DM too??)
    After a couple of phone calls the registrar came in and said it was her
screw-up. I asked if there was a way of cross-referencing a patient. They
said no. The lab tech told the dr's. office I was adamant I was not his
patient. I felt I was insistent - but not to the point of adamant - YET!!
So, the lab tech who told me last time when I explained that after 49.5
years I have difficult veins and she should use a reg. syringe instead of a
vacutainer told me she's the one they call when they can't get blood,
couldn't get my blood!!!!!!  She said, "If you don't mind, I'll draw it from
your hand." Well, I did mind because I get terrible bruises when that
happens and I can't cover it there. I told her it wasn't a matter of life
and death; I get this done once a month and I would just skip it. I walked
    Happy Valentine's Day. <3
Jan (60 y/o, pmpg 8/23/83)

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