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Re: [IP] Which Pump

Joanne wrote:

>> I have a Disetronic pump.  I liked the 2 chips that
check each other
>> constantly and having a backup pump and the water
resistance of the D
>> pump.  Either pump is great, D was just the right
choice for me.

> What do you do when you count carbs and they don't come
out equally to 1 or
> .5 unit of insulin?  Do you round up and down?  I'm
curious because I'm also
> leaning towards a Disetronic, because I too like having
a backup and the
> waterproofness of it.

I try to fine tune with the boluses.  I nearly always test
before each meal and if I were on the high side (>135) or
moving up would round the insulin up, if less than 100 or
moving down, will round down the dose and also try to take
into account my expected activity.

As I've stated before, I need to continually adjust my
basals and my boluses to get the best results.  My doctor
has said that I am a 'special' case because of my
variations and cycles but has not been able to improve on
my schedule, especially with my good HbA1c's.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Work expands to fill the time available for its
-- Northcote Parkinson

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