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Re: [IP] "Interesting" experience with pump on my big night out


Sounds like you had a real experience.  Just for the heck of it I would have 
enjoyed very much seeing you try to blow into that tinny tubing.  I am an 
instrumental music teacher and that would have made my day.  Glad it worked 
for you, but may I recommend something that I do that may help in such a 
situation.  I get the humalog
pens and I carry one with me at all times.  I was told that the insulin will 
last a month and the first of the month when I change my calendar I change my 
pen.  Now I've never had to use it but I sure feel safer knowing that I won't 
be without insulin.

Good luck let me know if you ever play that tubing again maybe you could send 
me a recording and I could put some back up with it and who knows you may 
have found a new profession.

Nancy been pumping 12 years.
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