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[IP] Fw: Another Ketone Question Update...The honeymoon is over

>     Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on what to do to help Taylor
> when he had ketones and we couldn't keep down the blood sugars.  Just a
> quick update on the situation.
>     He wound up going into the hospital on Wednesday, after we struggled
> home with it on Tuesday.  We progressively upped his morning dose of
> ultralente from 6 units every morning to 24 units every morning (has
> else gone through such a drastic change in insulin in a 3-4 day time
> He also had to go from a 1:30 carb to humalog ratio to a 1:10 ratio.  This
> is just to keep his blood sugars in the high 100's to mid 200's.  His 2
> post meals are still in the upper 200-300 range, but we are working on
> On Friday, after his blood sugar hit 748, he was put on an insulin drip.
> This helped bring him down, but obviously could not be kept on that all
> time.   All we can figure is that the honeymoon is truly over.   We are
> home (actually he went to school this afternoon), and will be doing some
> more adjustments, but 5 days in the hospital is way too long to keep
> especially an active 9 year old, closed in.
> Holly

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