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Re: [IP] hurts when I bolus


It can be very painful if you hit a capillary.  About all you can do is get 
it out of there and into another place.  I used the softset, but finally had 
to change to the rapid.  They are made be disetronic but I use them in the 
MM. I don't have any of the problems that the people on this thread have with 
their sites and bent or cloged canula.  The rapid's  do have the needle that 
stays in you but are flat and stay in place real well.

You just have to try different things until you find the thing that works for 
Good Luck I've been where you are and I solved the problem to the best of my 
advantage.  Hope you can work it out also.

Nancy 35y/d 12years pumping.
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