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[IP] "Interesting" experience with pump on my big night out

Interesting thing happened to me on Friday...I went to see "Rent" at the 
local performing arts center.  I've only been waiting forever to see it!! :)  
Fifteen minutes into the show, I go to pull my pump out of my pantyhose (I 
was wearing a skirt and was trying to hide the tubing and pump).  Anyway, I 
pull the pump out, and the tubing tears in half!  So now I'm sitting there 
with another two and a half hours of the show to go, I've just finished 
eating my dinner and I REALLY needed that insulin to cover my dinner bolus!  
To this moment, I cannot figure out why the tubing tore in half; I didn't 
pull any harder than usual, in fact I really didn't pull hard at all, and the 
tubing didn't seem damaged when I put the site in the day before.  I didn't 
have an extra set with me, or a needle and insulin (I know, bad planning on 
my part!), so I wound up blowing into the remaining tubing as hard as I 
could, trying to "push" some of the insulin into me!  It was not fun-have you 
ever tried blowing into a tube that small?? lol  I did get a few units in me, 
and made it to the end of the show (which was FABULOUS!!) without any more 
problems, I just thought it was weird that it happened.  Oh well, live and 
learn!  Kelly
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