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[IP] Agents???? Hmmmm

Carol wrote:

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 07:34:18 -0500
From: "Wasson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] RE:insurance

The small group in the office where I work is once again changing insurance
companies due to higher costs. All the insurance agents have said that if I
was not on the group plan then everyone elses premium would be lower. So it
is being suggested that I get my own insurance, of course the group can not
refuse me but if it is cheaper for everyone else to go off the group plan
and get their own insurance then there will no longer be a group and I will
still have to get my own insurance.
Of course no insurance will accept me because of the diabetes, my only
option is to get on the indiana comprehensive health insurance
association(ICHIA). Has anyone had experience with this situation?

-This is appalling!  Get the agents to give you the actual dollar 
difference in the plan with you and without you being part of it.  I cannot 
believe you are being discriminated against by the Agents!!!  Ask the 
agents to put in writing the difference. I bet it is not that signifigant. 
 Or is it the HR/Benefit Coordinator doing the discriminating?  And you are 
being asked by WHOM to get your own insurance?  And if you are forced to 
get your own insurance...will the company pay for it???   Just how small is 
your company?  I am sorry, this really upsets me that such a thing could 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

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