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Re: [IP] Nerve? -

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email @ redacted writes:

<<  my suagr was
 high  >>

How i wished I was inside Kap's body sometimes, easier to see what is going 
on in there!  He is starting to have the normal ordinary signs of highs and 
lows.  Remember when I said he always went high during basketball, baseball, 
sledding etc. Well, on Saturday, he had practice (basketball) 3-6pm - he was 
185 - pre practice, lunch was at 1pm - so 2 hrs had passed - but he did have 
a large lunch.  Anyway
he was playing guard position - and he was moving a lot - about 30 minutes 
into practice he started hurting on the bottom of his foot.  Not ankle but 
bottom.  I looked at his foot - no sign of bruise or anything, and took his 
bgs - he was 52, treated w/ Pepsi and  p/b crackers, - still 30 minutes later 
he was 42 (treated again) foot was still hurting him but it was coming and 
going - few minutes his foot hurt then it would stop - back and forth - 
hurt/stop - checked again his bgs was 52 - foot doing the same thing.  I had 
him sit out until he was back up to 100.  He played rest of practice w/o low 
and Foot had stopped hurting.
BTW - he was not connected to pump, we had taken it off to have pictures made 
and he asked if he could keep it off during practice.
Pain in Foot w/ Low!
He has shown a history of going low the day before he gets sick.  Late last 
night he started running high - low 200s and during the 2 am check - I gave 
him a bolus of 1 unit and he woke up fine.  But went down hill fast.  By 10am 
he was 400s - HI all day into the evening at 7pm he was back to 70s  He didnt 
eat anything except breakfast - sipped diet sprite all day.  He had 8 units 
of Humalog - #s would come down - but go right back up.  Also - no ketos.
He felt sick and sleepy.  To the touch he felt like he had a high fever.  
According to thermometer it was 98.9.  We had changed his site last night - 
it was 24 hrs old but tape was coming off - after he took it off - you could 
tell it was infected.  We used neosporine on it.  Could a site infection 
cause the bgs to rise.  Just how much infection does it take to cause high 
Thanks for Listening!
Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping 
"Anything out of normal - checking bgs ! 
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