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Re: [IP] Aaarrgghh...sets hate me, discouraged


Yes, I have the same problem with capillaries.  As a matter of fact the very 
first set I ever put in hit one and it was so new to my endo that she didn't 
even want to address the issue.  I lived for many years just knowing it but 
never having anyone else believe me.  If the needle (I use rapids) is 
anywhere near it will hurt and not work properly.  My body looks like a road 
map with capillaries.  When I find a spot that doesn't hurt or bleed I leave 
it in for a week.  If it hurts when I put it in (I push hard on it and thump 
it) it comes out and goes back in somewhere else.

I about know where I can insert now and where I can"t so I just keep using 
many places that I already have used.  MY control it Pretty good most of the 
time and when it isn't it is not usually not the site, but rather something 
stupid that I either did or didn't do (Like forget to bolus)

Have you tried other places like the butt?  If you would like to write to me 
on my private e-mail please do so.  A 2BA email @ redacted

Nancy D 35 years pumping 12 Years.
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