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[IP] problems with pumping

Hi everyone! I've emailed a few moms of young ones about some problems
we've been having, but I thought I'd post to the list to get some more help!

We use the Minimed 508, which we really like. Had a few problems with the
soft set micros when we first started, but last few set changes have been
fine, we've had three days out of them. We've used only the abdomen.  Well,
Friday night we had to do a set change, we were hoping it would last until
the am, but did not. So we changed at 10pm, monitored, sugar did not go
down, tried to bolus more, no change, so we gave him a needle of humalog in
the am, and took out the site, it was bent, redid site. We ended up redoing
site 3 more times again with bent canulas today, ended up trying the bum
tonight at 9 pm. (4 sites and 4 injections, poor guy : (  He's been in the
300's all day, with large ketones this am, but they were gone by lunch
(thank God!). We talked to Minimed, they wondered if he needed the 8mm, I
didn't think so, as he is not overly slim, but certainly not in the least
"chubby".  He is 4 years old and weighs 42 pounds. We then spoke to our
minimed rep, she suggested the bum and try the Sils. So we'll get some
Monday. The bum site is lasting so far.  

Question is, has anyone had this problem with so many bent canulas?  Any
ideas? We are getting pretty discouraged here, its only been three weeks!
Any info would be appreciated. Thanks for listening!  When the sites do
work, it has been great! Very intense, but pretty good numbers.  

Also, does anyone have any advise about preschool (3x week, 2.5 hours a
day) and the morning snack?? His teacher is willing to learn, but it is not
working out.  The time to bolus him is so busy with all the kids, they have
to go to a different class right after snack.  I'm having to go in on
school days at 10:10 am and count his carbs, and do bolus. Our minimed rep
suggested doing a higher basal for an hour or so on school days to cover
the snack, any opinions?

Linda, mom to Adam, 4, pumping 3 weeks and Jenna, 2, non-diabetic

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