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[IP] Re: Being a Diabetic

If you can believe this one, I had someone tell me once that the reason I had 
diabetes was because I had done something that I felt horribly guilty about.  
My guilt then manifested itself as diabetes, that if I could just get over my 
guilt my diabetes would go away!  My reply to them was, "That is just plain 
scary, I am smart enough to know that you are full of s--t but if you 
continue telling people stupid, irresponsible things like that someday 
somebody might actually believe you and you will be the one responsible for 
their death!"  That must have happened ten or fifteen years ago, but of all 
the stupid diabetic things I've heard in the last twenty-five years that one 
has to take the cake!

Type I, 25yrs! Pumping since last December.
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