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Subject: [IP] Re:younger kid questions

Hi Judy,
Our fasting breakfast is scrambled eggs and cheese and sugar free Tang.  The
protein from the eggs and cheese does raise sugar some, but usually not
until 4-6 hours after the meal, by which time you've seen what you want as
far as the basals.  Our fasting lunch is either sliced ham or turkey (deli
style) with cheese, sugar free jello, pickles, and a sugar free drink (yuck,
but she likes it).  Ditto as far as the protein effect.  Haven't done a
fasting supper, but the same principles apply.  We often eat late suppers
because of sports schedules, anyways, so just check it on one of those
nights.  Of course, always a big reward at the end for putting up with being
a little hungry - a trip to TCBY usually fits the bill around here.

The nighttime alarms are a bigger problem.  Occasionally Jenna will wake up
with them - but usually not.  Those are the mornings that you wake up and go
"Oh, sh**, and start coping with the ketones and stuff.  Fortunately, it
doesn't happen often.  I've read that some people use baby monitors and
such - unfortunately I sleep so soundly, I don't know if I would wake up to
the alarm either.

Jenna has autoimmune hypothyroidism - I think it's the most common problem
in diabetic kids.  Actual thyroid nodules are less common in kids.  She just
takes her Synthroid, and life goes on.  One thing that I have noticed, is
that if she misses her Synthroid, her sugars will inevitably be higher that
day.  (I wonder if any of the adult diabetics on the list who are on
Synthroid have noticed that?)

Nancy Morgan, mom of 10 year old Jenna

<<1. How do you fast a younger child to check their
basal rates?????

2. Has an alarm gone off in the middle of the night?
Has your child awoken because of this? What will happen if we don't catch
it until morning?

3.  Do any other pumper kids have thyroid problems???
- -Judy,  Amanda's mom       dx at  3  1/2        pumping at age 6

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