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Re: [IP] cleaning pump

You're right Natalie, but it is important , VERY important, to disconnect
BEFORE taking the syringe out of the pump.  It is all to easy to push the
end of the syringe if it is lying loose or when taking it out.  One could
real easily overdose on insulin with the syringe out and still conneced.

<email @ redacted wrote:
> mm advises to clean the screw every time that the batteries are changed.  do
> they suggest removing the resevoir?  that could lead to a real mess by
> accidentally hitting the plunger and getting an unneeded bolus or pulling the
> plunger back - who knows what would happen then.

<<<<<<<<<<Seems to me to be easy enough to disconnect while cleaning the lead
screw -- then prime to be sure that insulin is coming through when you
 Natalie A. Sera,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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