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Re: [IP] Advice about set change

I agree Nancy, I routinely put a new silhouettte in at night, and in almost
2 years (severa hundred insertions, I've had only one with any problem.
But that went in hard, and right away I knew it was likely kinked.   I
could not even prime it, so i just put in another.  I  used to check at 2
am, but now I don't bother.   I aslo agree that the probems, when they
occur are with the old sites.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Hi Kathleen,
I think the reason they tell you not to put in a site right before bedtime
is that if, for some reason, it turns out to be a bum site, he could develop
DKA from not getting insulin.  I'll be perfectly honest with you, after 17
months of pumping now, Jenna has never NOT had a site work at the very
beginning (I am knocking on wood vigorously,  :-) as just saying that will
probably make it happen.) and we put in new sites at bedtime pretty
frequently.  Usually, if she has a site problem, it's with one that's been
in a few days.    The safest thing to do, is if you put in a site at
bedtime, check sugars 2-3 hours later (set that ol' alarm clock) be sure
eveything is okay.
Nancy Morgan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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