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Re: [IP] Being a diabetic to Hope and Pam

Carole wrote:

>>Over the years with my ups and downs, emotions, blood sugars, and weight
and loss, I have spent far more time than I should have accepting blame for
this disease when blame was not to be accepted.  I have also doubted the
existence and the compassion of God.  All in all, I feel grateful in that I
am a living miracle, as well as my two boys.  Conceiving them after having
diabetes for over twenty years and to have each of them come home with me
(not stay in the hospital longer than I) when I went home after a "normal"
c-section stay.  I know do not blame or doubt the compassion of God.  I
work on guilt, but make strides every day towards this.<<

While I'm not overly religious, I sure know that someone has been looking
out for me all these years with D.  So many times I am amazed that I am
still alive and healthy.  Someone has been there, I like to think that I
have a very busy guardian angel looking after me.  :)

Type 1 for 37 years

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