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[IP] Aaarrgghh...sets hate me, discouraged

Does anyone else have serious problems with sets going bad on them becuase
of hitting capillaries and how do you deal with it?

I have lots of blood vessels under my skin and whichever set I use gets
blood-filled and blows-out on me. I have had to change sets as much as 2x in
one day to get them to work and on average have to change sets every other
day becuase I wind up occluding them. I have hypoglycemia unawareness and my
belly sites cause me to be hypo alot (I hover in the 50's) so luckily the
site getting icky allowed me to change to a hip site where absorption is
slower, but I feel bad about "wasting sites" and using twice as what is
"normal" becuase I have bleeders.

 Worst, my CDE claims I may be one of the rare people who "cannot wear a
pump" becuase they have no good sites b/c of good circulation. Please tell
me that is a lie as my CDE is really discouraging me and in opposition to
what those on this list with more experience have said. I am nearly at wits
end, I finally had two great days with all normal sugars, until this last
set went 2 hrs ago, and am worried I may not be pump-capable.


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Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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