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Re: [IP] what??????!!!-LONG

email @ redacted wrote:

> So i call endo again, and he insists
> on giving him 2 units H every 2 hrs with 12OZ of carb containing liquids. Ok
> i agree with the concept of giving extra insulin, and because of possible
> crash, cover with carbs, but 12oz? I followed his directions, and Matt went
> instantly to 301 and i've been correcting since....keytones are gone though

I had an infection 3 weeks ago that started on Saturday evening the same
time as my period when basal needs are lower but not consistent so I
didn't know how much the infection was affecting bgs.  On Monday I
wasn't hungry so I didn't eat very much.  Tuesday morning I was
nauseated and because of a thread here about ketones when bgs were okay
I checked ketones and they were moderate so I called the Nurse
Practitioner in my endo's office.  She said the ketones were probably
because I hadn't eaten much the day before so my body was burning fat. 
Since I wasn't throwing up, the main concern with ketones if bgs were to
become high.  She suggested fruit and fruit juice as good sources of
carbs.  The NP didn't suggest I do shots instead of using the pump, I
would have had the same response as you if she had.  I ate yogurt and
fruit for the next 2 days until I felt like eating more normally and
checked ketones to make sure I was eating enough carbs. 
Most days I drink a gallon of water and a liter of diet soda so I didn't
increase the amount of fluids.

I hope Matt gets better soon.

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