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Re: [IP] Re: Trying Hook up again

> Hi Wendy,
> Wow Iam sorry you had such a time with your hook-up. I hope we dont
> go through that but I am ready for anything these days.I will be
> taking my Pumping Insulin book as well and I will do it myself if I
> have to.I gave the doctor Ryans blood sugar book and he was to call
> another doctor that works with pumps and get help with basals. I
> have it figured at about .9 so we will see what the doc says.
Due to latent on-board NPH or Lente, the starting basal rates will 
probably be lower. If you do this yourself, be very conservative. 
It's easy to bolus down if high and make a small ( 0.1u/hr ) 
correction in basal rates to adjust a "little" at a time. You don't 
want to be chasing lows. It will take a few weeks to get it perfectly 
right, then  it will wander about anyway.....
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