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Re: [IP] Advice about set change

> My son, Nathaniel (age 12) has been pumping for one month now and
> things are going good.  Except for right now.  He just went for a
> run/bike ride, BG was 170 before the exercise.  
170 is a little on the high side to exercise. Cells need insulin in 
order to use glucose to move, etc.... One trick used by many is to 
have a small snack ~15 grams before exercise, a power bar or crackers 
+ a bolus to make sure that blood insulin levels are adequate and 
help prevent the liver from doing a glucose dump.

> Just returned and
> his BG is 417! I am very frustrated about what exercise does to his
> numbers! I do have a question if anyone can offer some advice. Two
> nights ago, at 10pm, Nathaniel complained that his site was
> bothering him.  

My daughter will ALWAYS change a set when a problem is suspected. 
Doesn't matter what the time is. You can always check in 2-3 hours if 
you are worried.
> Since he was due for a change the next am, I told
> him to just wait.  Yesterday morning, when he pulled out the set, it
> was pinker than normal, than last night it looked pretty nasty. 
Hot compresses morning and evening until the pink goes away. See a 
doc immediately if the pink increases, even a little.
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