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Re: [IP] Detroit area pumpers?

> Chris:  Interesting that you can go 5 days before changing sites.
> Though I had some hypertrophy in part of my stomach, even when
> infusing in a good place, I seem to not be able to go much past 3
> days.  This is also the limit the Minimed trainer told me to use. 
> Not itching or anything, just the insulin effectiveness seems to
> drop off significantly, like 15-20% more insulin needed if I go 4
> days.  Maybe this isn't a site issue after all and is something
> else?  I use humalog.  

This is similar to what my daughter and may others experience when 
they have a slight sensitivity to Humalog -- reason unknown. Mixing a 
small amount of Velosulin with the H seems to eliminate the problem. 
Lily was only able to go 2 days on a site with straight H. She 
routinely gets 4 days with a mix of 5 parts H and 1 part V
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