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[IP] darn meter reliability problems

I have been having what I think are meter reliability problems. Few weeks back, someone here reminded me to be sure I filled up the whole strip fully, and I have been. I use the Accuchek Advantage, but am questioning how much I should and am able to trust it.

It said i was 445, and then 256 twenty minutes later. Lots of factors lately, i've had a nasty cold and cough since Wednesday so i've been high but the 445, I figured was a set thing even though I'd already moved my set twice.I'm thinking it was never a set prob b/c I wouldnt' have dropped that fast in 20 minutes, ever

I haven't even been using the Advantage a year, but I'm really not trusting it. I know I am "stuck" with it for a while b/c I have over 1000 test strips and my insurance is just a huge hassle with meters, but has anyone else had this with the Accuchek Advantage? Also, I had other mters, like One Touch Basic and One Touch 2, but I gave one to my dad and traded one for a rebate, I have a DEX I got for free but no strips for any other meters..guess having the meters isn't good without strips:-) I used the "LO control" solution and the meter passed, but I have no HI solution to test b/c Accuchek told me they don't send that anymore b/c usually people dont' have problems with faulty high readings....


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