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[IP] Re: what??????!!!-LONG

When I was pregnant I went to an obgyn who specialized in treating diabetic 
pregnancies and she was very impressed with my diabetic care.  I was testing 
10 to 12 times a day and multiple, multiple injections.  I was only over 200 
twice during my entire pregnancy!  I had a c-section and was in the hospital 
for five days.  Let me tell you the nurses had a fit that I was controlling 
my own insulin and doing my own blood testing.  I brought in my own supplies 
and did my own thing if they wanted to do it I figured that they would have 
been there when I needed them, you know before meals, bed time, etc.  My 
doctor had complete faith in me and at one point in my pregnancy stopped 
looking at my logs because she thought I was doing a great job and there was 
nothing she felt she could tell my about my control that I didn't already 
know. As you all know, ymmv but I know that I am the expert on ME!  I am 
happy to take advise and listen to suggestions, but I am the one who has to 
live with it, and no one knows me like I do!  It's like I tell my friend who 
is a diabetic and gets discouraged when people try to give her advice on 
food, diabetes, etc., a little bit of knowledge is sometimes a lot more 
dangerous than none at all!   

Type I, 25yrs! Pumping since last December.
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