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[IP] Re:younger kid questions

Hi List!

My one questions is...........How do you fast a younger child to check their 
basal rates?????  I've asked her to skip a meal and she looks at me like I'm 
crazy.   Did I read somewhere about feeding sugarfree pops???

Second question..........Has an alarm gone off in the middle of the night???  
Has your child awoken because of this???  What will happen if we don't catch 
it until morning???  I guess it depends on what alarm code it is???

Last question..............Do any other pumper kids have thyroid problems???  
We just found a lump on Amanda's neck/throat.  We have an appointment to see 
a THIRD (ped) Endo in two weeks, this requested by our Pediatrician.  Our 
first Endo was a ped.  She watched Amanda's thyroid constantly, she said it 
was showing signs of needing attention.  She wouldn't consider the pump, now 
we use a regular Endo.  Amanda just had her a1c and thyroid tests taken and 
he didn't mention any problems with the tests.  The T3 was 140  (normal range 
60-181)  T4 was 0.95  (normal 0.70 - 1.85)  and her TSH was 3.64  (normal 0.2 
- 4.0).  I don't know what all this means, maybe someone else here does???  
But everything seems to be in normal range.

Anyway, if anyone is going through/done any of the above, I would be very 
grateful for any info you could send me.  Please e-mail me privately.

Thanks so much!

Amanda's mom       dx at  3  1/2        pumping at age 6      7/99
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