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Re: [IP] Re:feeling really dumb about low sugars...


Yes, yes, yes, I am the same about the low sugars.  Before I went on the pump 
12 years ago I was having difficulty telling and after the pump they got a 
little easier to detect.  I could fill pages with lows that I didn't know I 
was having and the outcomes, but I won't.  Since pumping and since it is so 
much more important to check I find many times I can avoid the really low by 
eating a little something before it gets to the point of being too low.  I 
pretty well know now when to expect a low and I have been able to pin point 
the very subtle feelings I get when I'm about to go low or am already low.  I 
have been outside working before doing something strenuous and I will feel 
like S--- I wonder toward my tester and I'm thing I sure hope my sugar is low 
because it couldn't possibly be that I 'm doing too much for my age.   

Hope this might help you to feel a little better.

Nancy,   56y/o 35y/d 12y/pumping
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