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[IP] re: feeling really dumb about low sugars...kinds long.

Janine  wrote:
last night, at 2:00 am, my sugar was 40, but i didn't know. i have no
symptoms, no sweating or slurred speech or anything.  i called an ex and was
sobbing and really upset about how hard my life is and how dating really
sucks, etc.  i was so depressed all of a sudden, and really moody. it wasn't
until he asked what made this night different than the rest that it occurred
to me to test my sugar.  i was terrified to see it was 40 and that i had no
idea.  does anyone else experience things like this?  i really feel that
people don't understand; my dad asked why, when i'm moody, i don't just
immediately test my sugar.  but it seems that my brain goes dead and nothing
logical occurs to me at that point.  He doesn't understand what i mean by

My daughter, Jamie, shared with me last night that, when she was in high
school, she didn't understand why I didn't eat something when I started
going low -obviously I should have realized it was happening.  It was very
frustrating for her.  I told her the first things to go on me is cognitive
ability - the ability to recognize what is happening.  Unfortunately, this
doesn't happen until I am in the 30's.   And the drop from that point is
rapid.  Jamie  said she has been able to see that for herself since she came
home in November, but knowing the reasons back in 1990 would have been
wonderful.  It would have been nice for me if I had understood it earlier.

Yes, many of us are unaware of low blood sugars.  And "mood swings" is a
possible result of blood glucose swings.  Heaven help my family now that I
am on estrogen replacement therapy.  We make sure I never run out of that
mind saver.

For your dad, you can try relating it  a car engine running ...it only
sputters when near empty...if your gauge is broken, you can't tell what your
fuel level is...  Good luck, just keep trying to explain it.  And remember,
often the frustration our family feels is not at us, but their inability to
"fix it" for us.

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